Bike2Bike Motorcycle Training
110 Lindenmuth Way (next to the Café)
Greenham Business Park
RG19 6HN

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Important Information:

If you are attending for a Compulsory Basic Training Course (CBT) then the training commences at 9.00am. Please remember that you must bring your Driving Licence with you.

If you are attending for a Direct Access Training Course then the training commences as instructed in your email. Please remember that you must bring your Driving Licence, Theory Test Certificate and CBT Certificate with you.

If your licence is a Photo Card Licence then please bring Photo Card with you. If you have a single part paper licence then please bring some form of photo ID, i.e. passport.

Please ensure you read the joining instructions which you will have received with your confirmation email for your training course and our Terms and Conditions as they contain important information for the day which you will need to know prior to arriving.

A motorcycle and safety equipment is provided for your course. However, should you wish to purchase any equipment prior to, during, or after your training, we carry an extensive range of helmets, clothing, gloves and boots at our retail premises, JustMoto, based at Greenham Business Park.

Prior to the commencement of your training you will be required to pass an eyesight test. This will require you to be able to read a standard number plate over 67' (20.5m). Please ensure that if you require corrected vision for riding that you are in possession of your glasses or contact lenses.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Kind regards,

Steve Smykowski
Bike2Bike Motorcycle Training

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